The Department of History at NUI Galway is made of 15 permanent and research-active members of staff. Particular areas of strength in terms of research practiced by the History Staff are the following:

  •  Medieval Studies
  •  Early Modern and Modern Irish History
  •  Early Modern and Modern European History
  •  American History
  • Comparative and Transnational History

Below are links to the History Staff’s Current Research Projects, Recent Publications and Postdoctoral Mentorship. Below is also a link to the current schedule for the weekly History Research Seminar scheduled on Wednesdays at 4pm.

Research Projects


Postdoctoral Mentorship

Research Seminar

Moreover, the History Staff maintains important connections with NUI Galway’s Moore Institute for Research in the Humanities since members of the History Department are either directors or active members of the following cognate Research Centres:

  1. The Centre for Investigation of Transnational Encounters (CITE)
  2.  The Irish Centre for the Histories of Labour and Class (ICHLC) 
  3.  The Centre for Antique, Medieval, and Pre-Modern Studies (CAMPS)