Bachelor of Arts (History and Globalisation Studies)

Course Overview

Are you inquisitive by nature and curious about how the modern world has come to be? Would you like to find out how past events and long-term processes have shaped our contemporary globalised world? Are you trying to make sense of the major events that are happening in the world today such as Brexit and the Trump administration?

If so, this programme is for you.

We live in a globalised world, a world where there is an unprecedented flow of ideas, information, people, money, goods and services across borders. This NEW interdisciplinary course will enable you examine the cultural, political and economic forces that have shaped this globalised world. You will examine why society has changed and seek to understand the issues facing societies across the globe today such as migration, trade and race. You will analyse the links between culture and politics; why they matter and how and why our world developed in this way. 

You will combine a major in History with an additional two minors that will compliment your major studies. Given the interdisciplinary nature of this course, you will develop the critical faculties necessary to understand the processes of global integration over time and space, which will give you a deep understanding of cultural context and its importance in our world today.

The course places particular emphasis on developing your writing and research skills -skills which can be applied across both the academic and practical elements of the course, and which are vital in the workplace. In the public, private and not-for-profit sectors and in fields as diverse as business, diplomacy, development and education, individuals must always be conscious of the historical, cultural and political impact of their actions.

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