The B.A. International is a four year programme involving  a one year period of study abroad.


The B.A. International will enable suitably qualified students to study, in the third year of the programme, both of their academic subjects in a university of a continental European Union country. It will offer students the facility to study a modern continental language, and its literature, in a country where it is spoken, and also to study approved courses for their BA degree through that same language with emphasis on the European/Continental dimension.

Programme Duration:

The programme is of four years duration.


Admission to the programme takes place during the Second Arts year.

Programme content:

The student must select their two degree subjects from the list set out below.

Archaeology, Economics, English, French, German, History, Irish, Italian, Legal Science, Mathematical Physics, Mathematics, Philosophy, Sociological and Political Studies, Spanish.

Students taking a combination of subjects other than in accordance with the above groupings may also, with the permission of the departments concerned and the Faculty, be admitted to the programme.

Quota of Places:

The overall number of places on the programme is limited and there is also a limitation on the number of places available for each modern continental language.


Selection will be made in accordance with criteria determined by the Academic Council, on the recommendation of the Faculty of Arts. An overall pass at the First Arts Summer Examination will be a prerequisite.

Fee payment:

During their year abroad students will continue to pay appropriate fees at NUI, Galway. They will not be required to pay fees at the host university.

Courses taken abroad:

Subject to the approval of the relevant departments, full credit will be given for courses taken and examinations passed by the students while in the host university.

Head of BA International

Dr. Kim LoPrete, Room 407, Tower 1, Floor 2.